The atlanta Korean Festival offers taste of home with Korean dishes that were enjoyed in the homeland by native Koreans, along with various cultural foods from other countries, to bring everyone joy. spicy rice cake encapsulating the distant taste of Korean street food, famously indulgent Korean BBQ, and kimchi, crispy tornado potato sticks-fun to eat and delicious for selfies, are all examples of unique and novel dishes, fusioned with traditional flavors from around the world, that can be found at the festival. Eye captivating, mouth watering, and fragrant extravaganza will take a hold of all of your senses. Come with friends or come and make new friends by personally sharing the experience of delicious food together!

페스티벌은 젊은 세대의 전통 문화를 배우고 동시에 노년층의 향수를 불러 일으킬 기회를 제공합니다. 스포츠 및 관광,이 축제는 다양한 재미있는 이벤트를 제공합니다. 감사합니다.